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We have curated a directory of actors, directors, dancers, singers, stage managers, lighting designers, dramaturgs, artistic directors, producers, casting directors, librettists, lyricists, composers, props designers, scenic designers, sound designers, choreographers, costume designers, and production managers who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, femme, masc, non-binary, and the diversity of genders that queerness contains.

Emily Abrams headshot

Emily Abrams

She / Her / HersNYC
Gregory van Acker headshot

Gregory van Acker

Amy Ackerman headshot

Amy Ackerman

They/ ThemNYC
Lily Ali-Oshatz headshot

Lily Ali-Oshatz

She / HerNYC
Ruthie Allen headshot

Ruthie Allen

She/HerNorth Carolina / NYC
Marla Alpert headshot

Marla Alpert

Delaney Amatrudo headshot

Delaney Amatrudo

She / HerNYC
Temidayo Amay headshot

Temidayo Amay

They/ThemNew York, Washington DC
Lindsay ‘Lindz’ Amer headshot

Lindsay ‘Lindz’ Amer

They / Them / TheirsPortland, ME
Ellie van Amerongen headshot

Ellie van Amerongen

She / Her / HersNew York City
Elise Ammondson headshot

Elise Ammondson

They / Them / TheirsI’m nomadic; probably the woods
Laurel Andersen headshot

Laurel Andersen

She/theyNew York City
Nikomeh Anderson headshot

Nikomeh Anderson

Aeon Andreas headshot

Aeon Andreas

They/themNew York City
Kelsey Andres headshot

Kelsey Andres

She / HerNYC
Angela  headshot


She/Her Atlanta
James Anthony headshot

James Anthony

They / Them / TheirsChicago
Chari Arespacochaga headshot

Chari Arespacochaga

She / TheyNew York and Florida
Ashli St. Armant headshot

Ashli St. Armant

She / Her / HersSouthern California
Emma Ashford headshot

Emma Ashford

She/her New York City
Dominique Jenae Atwater headshot

Dominique Jenae Atwater

She / her / hersNYC
Harmony 'Hbomb' Austin headshot

Harmony 'Hbomb' Austin

She/Her/HersSan Marcos, TX
Tara Ayres headshot

Tara Ayres

She/herSan Francisco Bay Area
Tatiana Baccari headshot

Tatiana Baccari

she/theyNYC/Tri-State Area
Ashley Baier headshot

Ashley Baier

She / HerNew York City
Anne Karyna Bakan headshot

Anne Karyna Bakan

She / HerNYC
Emily Baker headshot

Emily Baker

She/HerBoston, MA
Charlie Baker headshot

Charlie Baker

Christian Bardin headshot

Christian Bardin

she/her + they/themMinneapolis
Margaret Baughman headshot

Margaret Baughman

She / Her / HersBrooklyn
Rachel Marie Beals headshot

Rachel Marie Beals

She / Her / HersNYC
Allison Beauregard headshot

Allison Beauregard

She / Her / HersNYC
Meaghan Beese headshot

Meaghan Beese

Marita Begley headshot

Marita Begley

She / HerGlen Ridge, NJ
El Beh headshot

El Beh

They and (not or) she in rotationnew york and san francisco
Rachel Belleman headshot

Rachel Belleman

She/HerNew York City
Elise Belluccia headshot

Elise Belluccia

She / Her / HersNYC
Kate Bergstrom headshot

Kate Bergstrom

She / Her / They / ThemNew York + Los Angeles
(Ang)ela Bey  headshot

(Ang)ela Bey

They / ThemPhiladelphia & NYC
Taylor Beyer headshot

Taylor Beyer

She / Her / HersNYC
Olivia Billings headshot

Olivia Billings

She/theyCleveland (NYC Fall 2021)
Klea Blackhurst headshot

Klea Blackhurst

She / HerNYC
Becca Blackmore headshot

Becca Blackmore

She/HerHudson Valley, NY
Ashley Blanchet headshot

Ashley Blanchet

she / her / hersNew York City
Royer Bockus headshot

Royer Bockus

She / HerNYC
Austen Danielle Bohmer headshot

Austen Danielle Bohmer

she/herNew York
Grace Andrade Bowen headshot

Grace Andrade Bowen

She / Her / HersNYC
Judy Bowman headshot

Judy Bowman

é boylan headshot

é boylan

They / Them / TheirsNYC • Washington DC
Casey Bradley headshot

Casey Bradley

She/HerNew York
Amber Bradshaw headshot

Amber Bradshaw

she/theyAtlanta, GA
Jill Bradshaw headshot

Jill Bradshaw

They / Them New York, Connecticut
Amara Brady headshot

Amara Brady

She / Her / HersNYC
Kae Bragg headshot

Kae Bragg

They / Them / TheirsNYC
Ezra Brain headshot

Ezra Brain

They / Them / She/HerNYC
Emily Breeze headshot

Emily Breeze

Avery Jean Brennan headshot

Avery Jean Brennan

They / Them / She / HerToronto, ON
A.A. Brenner headshot

A.A. Brenner

They / Them / HeNew York City
Emmy Brett headshot

Emmy Brett

she/they/any pronoun but he!New York City
Brian headshot


She / HerNew York & Philadelphia
Emmy Briggs headshot

Emmy Briggs

They/ Them NYC/London
Elle Brigida headshot

Elle Brigida

sam brinker  headshot

sam brinker

they themLA
Mack Brown headshot

Mack Brown

they/themNew York City
Sarah Rae Brown headshot

Sarah Rae Brown

Elise Brown headshot

Elise Brown

She/herNew York City
Becca Brown headshot

Becca Brown

She / Her / They / ThemLos Angeles
Sara Bruner headshot

Sara Bruner

She / Her / HersNowhere currently
Marisa Budnick headshot

Marisa Budnick

She/TheyNYC (Northern NJ for now)
Jake Burgett headshot

Jake Burgett

They / Them / TheirsTwin Cities, MN
Sarah Burke headshot

Sarah Burke

She / TheyNYC & Boston
Rosalie Burke headshot

Rosalie Burke

She / HerNYC
Theresa Burns headshot

Theresa Burns

She/HerNew York City
Joanna Burns headshot

Joanna Burns

She / HerNJ / NY
Laurel Button headshot

Laurel Button

She / Her / HersSt. Louis, Missouri
Juliette Byrne headshot

Juliette Byrne

She / herLos Angeles
Cassidy Byron headshot

Cassidy Byron

All PronounsNYC
Daniella Caggiano headshot

Daniella Caggiano

She / Her / HersNew York City
Mia Cain headshot

Mia Cain

she/theyGlasgow Scotland/NYC
Annie Caltrider headshot

Annie Caltrider

She/HerNew York City
Mhairi Cameron headshot

Mhairi Cameron

She / Her / Hers DC / Oxford, UK / New York
Mickey Angel Canada headshot

Mickey Angel Canada

Stephanie Carlin headshot

Stephanie Carlin

She/HerNew York City
Kennedy Carstens headshot

Kennedy Carstens

She/herNew York City
Andi Lee Carter headshot

Andi Lee Carter

He / TheyNYC
Lexi Cassidy headshot

Lexi Cassidy

Carmen Castillo headshot

Carmen Castillo

They/ThemNew York
Galyana Castillo headshot

Galyana Castillo

She / Her / HersNYC
Anita Castillo-Halvorssen headshot

Anita Castillo-Halvorssen

she / herNew York City
Hannah Cava headshot

Hannah Cava

She / HerNYC
Victoria Chaieb headshot

Victoria Chaieb

She/HerNew York City
Jenni Chapman headshot

Jenni Chapman

She / Her / HersSan Jose, CA
EllaRose Chary headshot

EllaRose Chary

She / Her / HersNYC
Brittaney Delsarté Chatman headshot

Brittaney Delsarté Chatman

She/Her/HersNew York
Emily Chester headshot

Emily Chester

She / Her / HersNYC
Ciara headshot


She/HerNew York City
Holly Cinnamon headshot

Holly Cinnamon

She / HerNew York City
Christina Ciofani headshot

Christina Ciofani

She/herNew York City
Justin Clarel headshot

Justin Clarel

They / ThemPhiladelphia
Dorie Clark headshot

Dorie Clark

She / Her / HersNYC
Vita Cleveland headshot

Vita Cleveland

She / Her / They / ThemNYC
Jordyn Coats headshot

Jordyn Coats

I will answer to any pronoun and do not favor one over the otherNorth Carolina & NYC
Deidre Cochran headshot

Deidre Cochran

She / Her / HersMinneapolis, MN
Christiana Cole headshot

Christiana Cole

Mackenzie Cole headshot

Mackenzie Cole

Amiee Collier headshot

Amiee Collier

She / Her / HersCleveland, OH
Bren Coombs headshot

Bren Coombs

She / They / DudeChicago
Kathleen Coombs headshot

Kathleen Coombs

She / TheyChicago
Josephine Cooper headshot

Josephine Cooper

She / Her / HersNYC
Katy Corbus headshot

Katy Corbus

Camille Corinne headshot

Camille Corinne

Cosette headshot


he/she/theyNew York City
Deb Crerie headshot

Deb Crerie

she / her / hersWashington, D.C.
Osiris Cuen headshot

Osiris Cuen

Megan Culley headshot

Megan Culley

She / HerNYC
Paige Cummings headshot

Paige Cummings

She/theyLos Angeles
Nicole D'Angelo headshot

Nicole D'Angelo

Sarah Dacey-Charles headshot

Sarah Dacey-Charles

She / HerNYC
Mackenzie Dade headshot

Mackenzie Dade

She / HerNYC
Niklas Dahlen headshot

Niklas Dahlen

she/they/feySaranac Lake, NY - Fredonia, NY
Madeline Dannenberg headshot

Madeline Dannenberg

She / TheyNYC
Charly Dannis headshot

Charly Dannis

She/HerAustin + New York City
Alanna Darby headshot

Alanna Darby

Kristin Dausch headshot

Kristin Dausch

She / HerNYC
Liz Pryce Davies headshot

Liz Pryce Davies

She/theyNew York City
Sha-Lemar M Davis headshot

Sha-Lemar M Davis

She-HerNorth East Ohio
Macy Jae Davis headshot

Macy Jae Davis

They/ Them Philadelphia / NYC
Morgan Dean headshot

Morgan Dean

They | Them | TheirsNYC
Mo DeGreen headshot

Mo DeGreen

Ty Deran headshot

Ty Deran

They/Them/TheirsLos Angeles
snem DeSellier headshot

snem DeSellier

they/themMinneapolis, MN
Marissa DeVeau headshot

Marissa DeVeau

She/Her/HersNew York City
Ashley Diane headshot

Ashley Diane

She / Her / HersLos Angeles
Ella Dierberger headshot

Ella Dierberger

She / Her / HersMinneapolis
Madge Dietrich headshot

Madge Dietrich

She / Her / HersNYC
Erica Dilworth headshot

Erica Dilworth

She/herMaryland/DC area ( hoping to be NYC soon)
Mollie Downes headshot

Mollie Downes

She/TheyNew York City
Lindsay Drucker headshot

Lindsay Drucker

they / them Philadelphia
Kate Shea Duncan headshot

Kate Shea Duncan

Amanda Duncan headshot

Amanda Duncan

She / HerNJ / NYC
Holly Marie Dunn headshot

Holly Marie Dunn

she / herNew York City
Amanda D’Amico headshot

Amanda D’Amico

She/HerNew York City
Amanda D’Archangelis headshot

Amanda D’Archangelis

She / Her / HersNYC
Jordan Ealey headshot

Jordan Ealey

They/them and she/herWashington D.C. and Baltimore
Samara Ariel Ehrlich headshot

Samara Ariel Ehrlich

They/She/Her/ThemNew York City
Marie Eife headshot

Marie Eife

She / Her / HersNYC
kAREn " /<ARE: " Ēlizabeth v Eilbacher headshot

kAREn " /<ARE: " Ēlizabeth v Eilbacher

wh^tEvuh yoU chöo:zseinen isLand
Jay Owen Eisenberg headshot

Jay Owen Eisenberg

He/Him/HisMinneapolis, MN
Jennie Eisenhower headshot

Jennie Eisenhower

Kristin Eley headshot

Kristin Eley

Bailey C Elis headshot

Bailey C Elis

He/They/FaeBrooklyn, NY
Rachael Ellis headshot

Rachael Ellis

She / HerPittsburgh, PA
Katie Elman headshot

Katie Elman

She / Her / HersNYC
Madeleine Emerick headshot

Madeleine Emerick

She / Her / HersNYC
Kristian Espiritu headshot

Kristian Espiritu

Caitlin Evans headshot

Caitlin Evans

She / HerNYC
Rachel Graf Evans headshot

Rachel Graf Evans

Stephanie Everett headshot

Stephanie Everett

She/TheyNew York, DC
Esther Fallick headshot

Esther Fallick

Caitlin Featherstone headshot

Caitlin Featherstone

She / Her / HersMinneapolis, MN
Niani Feelings headshot

Niani Feelings

She / Her / HersNYC
Kristin Feeney headshot

Kristin Feeney

She / HerNYC
Shara Feit headshot

Shara Feit

She/HerNew York City
Taylor FEld headshot

Taylor FEld

L M Feldman headshot

L M Feldman

Mykayla Fernandes headshot

Mykayla Fernandes

All - I don’t mind if people use whatever works best for themI travel regularly, so planet Earth is currently home base. I am on the lookout for a permanent home
Madison Figueroa-Diaz headshot

Madison Figueroa-Diaz

Glori Dei FIlippone headshot

Glori Dei FIlippone

They/ ThemNew York City
Gabrielle Filloux headshot

Gabrielle Filloux

She/Her/HersNew York City
Sabin Fisher headshot

Sabin Fisher

Carrie Royce Fisk headshot

Carrie Royce Fisk

She/her/hersNew York City
Rachel Flynn headshot

Rachel Flynn

She/HerNew York City
Meredith Foster headshot

Meredith Foster

She/HerNew York City
Lori Fowler headshot

Lori Fowler

They / ThemSan Francisco
Allison Fradkin headshot

Allison Fradkin

She / Her / HersChicago
Ellie Frances headshot

Ellie Frances

She / TheyNYC/MI/Chicago
Sharisse Francisco headshot

Sharisse Francisco

She/HerNew York
Aislinn Frantz headshot

Aislinn Frantz

She / Her / HersChicago
Jolie Frazer-Madge headshot

Jolie Frazer-Madge

Rebecca Frazier headshot

Rebecca Frazier

She/HerNew York City
Bo Frazier headshot

Bo Frazier

They/Them or She/HerChicago
Baily Fritz headshot

Baily Fritz

She / Her / HersNYC
Liz Frost headshot

Liz Frost

She / Her / HersNYC
Suzanna Fyodorov headshot

Suzanna Fyodorov

She / Her / HersNYC
Lyam B. Gabel headshot

Lyam B. Gabel

they/heAllentown, PA
Gagarin headshot


Sailor Galaviz headshot

Sailor Galaviz

They / ThemSan Francisco
Anasofia A. Gallegos headshot

Anasofia A. Gallegos

They/ThemSeattle, WA
Karla Gallegos-Molano headshot

Karla Gallegos-Molano

She/herNew York
Erika R. Gamez headshot

Erika R. Gamez

Gineiris Garcia headshot

Gineiris Garcia

She/HerNew York City
Alyssa N. Garcia headshot

Alyssa N. Garcia

They/ThemLong Beach, Ca. (Los Angeles)
Emily E Garrison headshot

Emily E Garrison

she/her/hersNew York City, Portland, OR
Rena Gavigan headshot

Rena Gavigan

She / Her / HersTri-State Area
Gavin headshot


they/themLos Angeles
Dianne Gebauer headshot

Dianne Gebauer

She/HerNew York City
Danyel Renee Geddie headshot

Danyel Renee Geddie

she/theyCleveland, OH
Madeline Geier headshot

Madeline Geier

She / Her / HersAsheville, NC
Kerri George headshot

Kerri George

Marissa Ghavami headshot

Marissa Ghavami

She / TheyNew York City
Mikki Gillette headshot

Mikki Gillette

She/HerPortland, OR
Shira Helena Gitlin headshot

Shira Helena Gitlin

They / Them / TheirsBoston, MA
Jess Glaisher headshot

Jess Glaisher

She / HerLondon, UK
Alyssa Glenn headshot

Alyssa Glenn

She / HerNYC
Monica Goff headshot

Monica Goff

She / hersSalt Lake City, UT
Molly Goldman headshot

Molly Goldman

She / Her / HersNYC
Kara Ali Goldsmith headshot

Kara Ali Goldsmith

She / HerNew York City
Drewe Goldstein headshot

Drewe Goldstein

They/SheNew York
Nina Goodheart headshot

Nina Goodheart

She / HerNew York City
Jesse Balick Goodman headshot

Jesse Balick Goodman

He/TheyNew York
Sarah Goodman headshot

Sarah Goodman

She/ Her/ TheyNew York
Kristen Goodman headshot

Kristen Goodman

She/TheyNew York City
Mackenna Goodrich headshot

Mackenna Goodrich

Sandy/Sahar Gooen headshot

Sandy/Sahar Gooen

He / TheyNYC
Shana Danielle Gordon headshot

Shana Danielle Gordon

They/ThemNew York City, NY
Hana Shayna Gottlieb headshot

Hana Shayna Gottlieb

they/themNew York City
Noa Graham headshot

Noa Graham

she/theyHudson Valley/Lenapehoking
Loki Graham headshot

Loki Graham

they/themMinneapolis, MN
Casper Salem Gray headshot

Casper Salem Gray

Kailey Azure Green headshot

Kailey Azure Green

They/ThemWashington DC
Shoshana Greenberg headshot

Shoshana Greenberg

She/herNew York City
V Greene headshot

V Greene

they / themNYC
Johanna Griesé headshot

Johanna Griesé

Isaac Grivett headshot

Isaac Grivett

He / TheyNYC
Emmett Grosland headshot

Emmett Grosland

They or HeNew York (have Chicago housing)
Kristin Guerin headshot

Kristin Guerin

Alex Guhde headshot

Alex Guhde

They / Them / TheirsNYC
Parker Guidry headshot

Parker Guidry

They / ThemChicago
Meghan Gunther headshot

Meghan Gunther

She / Her / HersNYC
Em Gustason headshot

Em Gustason

He / Him / HisPortland, OR
Katie Haan headshot

Katie Haan

She / HerNew York City
Emily Hadick headshot

Emily Hadick

They / Them / She / HerNYC
Shani Hadjian headshot

Shani Hadjian

She / TheyNYC
Alice Hakvaag headshot

Alice Hakvaag

She / HerPhiladelphia
Kendra Hall headshot

Kendra Hall

She/Her/HersNew York City
Brooke M. Haney headshot

Brooke M. Haney

They/SheNew York City
Morgan Haney headshot

Morgan Haney

She/herDallas, TX
Charlie Hano headshot

Charlie Hano

He / Him / They / ThemNYC
Del Hanson headshot

Del Hanson

They / Them / TheirsCalifornia
Micki Hardenberg headshot

Micki Hardenberg

They/ThemNew York City
Nikki Harlow headshot

Nikki Harlow

she/theyLos Angeles
Armelle Kay Harper headshot

Armelle Kay Harper

She / Her / HersNew York City
Jody Smith Harper headshot

Jody Smith Harper

She/Her/HersNew York City
Nay Harris headshot

Nay Harris

They / Them NYC
Emma Harris headshot

Emma Harris

They / ThemSouth Florida
Ashlin Hatch headshot

Ashlin Hatch

Courtney Hausman headshot

Courtney Hausman

She / Her / HersNYC
Emily Hausmann headshot

Emily Hausmann

they/sheNew York City
TS Hawkins headshot

TS Hawkins

They / Them / TheirsPhiladelphia
Laura Lee Hay  headshot

Laura Lee Hay

Devon Hayakawa headshot

Devon Hayakawa

Any pronouns used with respect.Chicago, IL
Jay Hayden headshot

Jay Hayden

Dillon Heape headshot

Dillon Heape

Rachel Heine headshot

Rachel Heine

She / HerColumbus, OH
Molly Rose Heller headshot

Molly Rose Heller

She/HerNew York City
Jack Henry headshot

Jack Henry

He/TheyPhiladelphia, PA
Rebecca (Becky) Hermenze headshot

Rebecca (Becky) Hermenze

She / HerNew York City
Krysta Hibbard headshot

Krysta Hibbard

she / herNew York City
CJ Higgins headshot

CJ Higgins

They / ThemPhiladelphia
Jessi D. Hill headshot

Jessi D. Hill

Beth Hinton-Lever headshot

Beth Hinton-Lever

Kirstyn Hippe headshot

Kirstyn Hippe

She / HerNew York City
Caroline Hirsch headshot

Caroline Hirsch

She / Her / Hers / They / Them / TheirsNYC
Jordan Ho headshot

Jordan Ho

Xe / Xem / XyrNYC
Sarah Hogewood headshot

Sarah Hogewood

She/HerNew York City
Jessica Holt headshot

Jessica Holt

She/HerSan Francisco/Oakland * NYC * Everywhere In-Between
Lama El Homaïssi headshot

Lama El Homaïssi

She/HerNew York
Katie Jay Hopkins headshot

Katie Jay Hopkins

She/HerNew York City
Molly Horan headshot

Molly Horan

Michelle Houle headshot

Michelle Houle

Helen Huettner headshot

Helen Huettner

She / HerNYC
Sophie Maja Hughes headshot

Sophie Maja Hughes

They/ThemNew York City
Jae Hughes headshot

Jae Hughes

They/ThemLong Island, NY
Marie Incontrera headshot

Marie Incontrera

she/theyNew York City
Judith Ingber headshot

Judith Ingber

She/TheyNew York City
iris headshot


Abigail Isom headshot

Abigail Isom

She / Her / HersNew York City
Jack(ie) headshot


Lilli Jacobs headshot

Lilli Jacobs

She / HerNew York City
Maya Jacobson headshot

Maya Jacobson

Miss Hazel Jade headshot

Miss Hazel Jade

She / Her / HersDallas, TX
Ann Charisse James headshot

Ann Charisse James

She/TheyBi-coastal. NYC/LA
Celina Josie James headshot

Celina Josie James

She/HerNashville (soon to be NYC)
Hahnji Jang headshot

Hahnji Jang

They/ThemBrooklyn & Dubai
Ysabel Jasa headshot

Ysabel Jasa

She / Her / They / ThemNYC
Karli Jenkins headshot

Karli Jenkins

Amanda Jiménez headshot

Amanda Jiménez

She / HerOrange County, CA
Katie Joachim headshot

Katie Joachim

She/HerLouisville, KY
Mickey "Bug"  Johnson headshot

Mickey "Bug" Johnson

Kate Johnson headshot

Kate Johnson

She / HerNYC
Heather Jones headshot

Heather Jones

they/them/theirsNew York City
Marisa Jones headshot

Marisa Jones

She/ HerNew York City
Sarah Jones headshot

Sarah Jones

she/theyNew York City
Miles Josephson headshot

Miles Josephson

He / Him / HisNYC/LA
Jasmine Joshua headshot

Jasmine Joshua

They / ThemSeattle
Esco Joule'y headshot

Esco Joule'y

Nico Juber headshot

Nico Juber

She/herLos Angeles, CA
Kai Alexander Judd headshot

Kai Alexander Judd

He / theyNew York City
Sarah Julius headshot

Sarah Julius

She / TheyMinneapolis, MN
Mizz June headshot

Mizz June

Barbara Kahn headshot

Barbara Kahn

She / Her / HersNYC
Sarah Kaidanow headshot

Sarah Kaidanow

she/her/hersNew York City
Jude Kamler headshot

Jude Kamler

They / Them / TheirsChicago, IL
Kevin Kantor headshot

Kevin Kantor

They / Them / TheirNYC
Arielle Kaplan headshot

Arielle Kaplan

she / her / hersBoston
Vasi Katina headshot

Vasi Katina

Sarah Rachel Katz headshot

Sarah Rachel Katz

Tova Katz headshot

Tova Katz

she/herLos Angeles
Jen Katz headshot

Jen Katz

She/HerAlexandria, VA
Mika Kauffman headshot

Mika Kauffman

He / TheyBrooklyn, NY
Sarah Kaufman headshot

Sarah Kaufman

They/ThemBrooklyn, NY
Eliana Kayelle headshot

Eliana Kayelle

They / ThemNYC
Josephine Kearns headshot

Josephine Kearns

She / Her / HersChicago • NYC
Lauren Keating headshot

Lauren Keating

She / HerMinneapolis
Maggie Keenan-Bolger headshot

Maggie Keenan-Bolger

she / her / hersNew York City
Maggie Rose Keene headshot

Maggie Rose Keene

Meghan Keeney headshot

Meghan Keeney

She/HerNew York City
Kristin Rose Kelleher headshot

Kristin Rose Kelleher

She / HerNYC
Kristin Kelly headshot

Kristin Kelly

she / her / hersNew York City
Kay Kerimian headshot

Kay Kerimian

She / TheyWashington, DC
Madison King headshot

Madison King

They/ThemIndianapolis, IN
Caitlin Kinnunen headshot

Caitlin Kinnunen

She / Her / HersNYC
Lydia D. Kinton headshot

Lydia D. Kinton

She / HerRaleigh / Durham, NC
Selene Klasner headshot

Selene Klasner

She/HerNew York City
Jemma Kline headshot

Jemma Kline

She / herPhiladelphia
Elizabeth Kline headshot

Elizabeth Kline

She / HerLas Vegas
Savanah Knechel headshot

Savanah Knechel

They / ThemSarasota, FL
Sarah Koehler headshot

Sarah Koehler

She / HerNYC
Danielle Koenig headshot

Danielle Koenig

She/HerNew York City, Los Angeles
Karlie Kohler headshot

Karlie Kohler

She/Her/HersNew York City
Sabrina Koss headshot

Sabrina Koss

she/herNew York City
India Kotis headshot

India Kotis

She/herNew York City
Erika Kramer headshot

Erika Kramer

She / Her / HersNYC
Em Kramm headshot

Em Kramm

She/TheyNew York
Jenna Kray headshot

Jenna Kray

She / Her / They / ThemNYC
Barrie Kreinik headshot

Barrie Kreinik

She / Her / HersNYC
Delia Kropp headshot

Delia Kropp

Amanda Kruger headshot

Amanda Kruger

They / ThemWest Hollywood
Jay Theo Kuhns headshot

Jay Theo Kuhns

they/them/heAshland, OR
Rachel Kunstadt headshot

Rachel Kunstadt

She / HerNYC
jo lampert headshot

jo lampert

she/her/hersBrooklyn, NY
Meghan Landon headshot

Meghan Landon

They/Them/TheirsNew Jersey
Michelle Lane headshot

Michelle Lane

She/HerLos Angeles
Eden Lane headshot

Eden Lane

She/Her/HersDenver, Colorado
Audrey Lang headshot

Audrey Lang

She / HerNew York City
Hannah Lang headshot

Hannah Lang

she / theyNYC
Sarah Lasko headshot

Sarah Lasko

Janelle Lawrence headshot

Janelle Lawrence

Kalia Lay headshot

Kalia Lay

She / Her / HersNYC
Finn Lefevre headshot

Finn Lefevre

they/themHolyoke, MA
Laura Leffler headshot

Laura Leffler

She / Her / HersMinneapolis
Allison Lehman headshot

Allison Lehman

She/her/hersNew York and DC
Katherine Leidlein headshot

Katherine Leidlein

She / TheyNYC
Kyra Leigh headshot

Kyra Leigh

She / Her / HersChicago
Jer Adrianne Lelliott headshot

Jer Adrianne Lelliott

She/TheyLos Angeles
Amir Levi headshot

Amir Levi

He/She/TheyLos Angeles
Samantha Levine headshot

Samantha Levine

M Sloth Levine headshot

M Sloth Levine

They / Them / TheirsNYC
Hannah Clarke Levine headshot

Hannah Clarke Levine

She / Her / HersNYC
Dawn-Michelle Lewis headshot

Dawn-Michelle Lewis

She / TheyHarrisburg / Philadelphia, PA
Rhiannon Lewis headshot

Rhiannon Lewis

They/ThemLos Angeles
Taylor Lynn Lewis headshot

Taylor Lynn Lewis

She / Her / HersNYC
Emilie Leyes headshot

Emilie Leyes

She/Her/They/ThemNew York City
Terry Li headshot

Terry Li

she/herLos Angeles
Melissa Li headshot

Melissa Li

She / Her / HersNYC / Baltimore
Katie Lindsay headshot

Katie Lindsay

She / HerNew York & Los Angeles
Megan Lione headshot

Megan Lione

She / Her / HersNYC
Blanca Del Loco headshot

Blanca Del Loco

She/Her/They/ThemLubbock, TX
Julie Lokahi headshot

Julie Lokahi

She / Her / HersErie, PA
Milo Longenecker headshot

Milo Longenecker

He / Him / HisNYC
Teresa Lotz headshot

Teresa Lotz

She/TheyNew York City
Bobbie Lowe headshot

Bobbie Lowe

She/Her They/Them New York City
Jenna Lucht headshot

Jenna Lucht

She/herNew York
S.C. Lucier headshot

S.C. Lucier

She / Her / HersNYC
Catherine Luckenbach headshot

Catherine Luckenbach

She / Her / HersNew York, San Francisco
Kaitlyn Lunardi headshot

Kaitlyn Lunardi

She/HerNew York City
Dee Luu headshot

Dee Luu

She/her they/themNew York City
LT Mack headshot

LT Mack

they / themBrooklyn
Jamie Maletz headshot

Jamie Maletz

She / HerNew York City
JJ Maley headshot

JJ Maley

They / Them / He/HimNYC
Beth Malone headshot

Beth Malone

She her hersNew York
Laura Malseed headshot

Laura Malseed

She / HerNYC
Sarah Mantell headshot

Sarah Mantell

Maggie Manzano headshot

Maggie Manzano

Anessa Marie headshot

Anessa Marie

She / Her / HersNYC
Rebecca Marquardt headshot

Rebecca Marquardt

She / Her / HersNYC
Dylan Nicole Martin headshot

Dylan Nicole Martin

They/themIowa City: University of Iowa MFA Stage Management Program
Amber Hurst Martin headshot

Amber Hurst Martin

she/herNew York & LA
Meg Martinez headshot

Meg Martinez

They/sheNew York City
Irene Martinko headshot

Irene Martinko

Katryna Marttala headshot

Katryna Marttala

she/theyNew York
Leah Mathie headshot

Leah Mathie

She/HerNew York City
Molly Mayne headshot

Molly Mayne

Twi McCallum headshot

Twi McCallum

They / Them / She / Her/He/HimNYC
Erin McCamley headshot

Erin McCamley

She / Her / HersNYC
Christina Marie McCann headshot

Christina Marie McCann

They/SheBaltimore, Washington, D.C.
Riley Elton McCarthy headshot

Riley Elton McCarthy

They/ThemNew York City
Megan McCarthy headshot

Megan McCarthy

She/TheyNew York City
Bridget McCarthy headshot

Bridget McCarthy

Dionne McClain-Freeney headshot

Dionne McClain-Freeney

she/herNew York City
Kelly Ann McGuinness headshot

Kelly Ann McGuinness

She / Her / HersNYC
Jo-Ann McIntyre headshot

Jo-Ann McIntyre

she / her / hersDelaware / Philly / Will Travel
Christine McKenna-Tirella headshot

Christine McKenna-Tirella

She/HerNew York
Katie Rose McLaughlin headshot

Katie Rose McLaughlin

She/HerNew York City
Emily McNally headshot

Emily McNally

She / Her / They / ThemNYC
Amber McNew headshot

Amber McNew

She/ Her/ HersFlorida, soon to be NYC
Morgan Meadows headshot

Morgan Meadows

She / HerNYC
Meatball headshot


they/themToronto, Montréal, New York City
Cari Meixner headshot

Cari Meixner

Mel Melendez headshot

Mel Melendez

Lindsey Augusta Mercer headshot

Lindsey Augusta Mercer

Ann P. Meredith headshot

Ann P. Meredith

She/HerNew York City
John Meredith headshot

John Meredith

They / Them / TheirBoston & NYC
Julianne B. Merrill headshot

Julianne B. Merrill

She / HerNYC
Lauren Messina headshot

Lauren Messina

She / Her / HersNYC
Sophia Metcalf headshot

Sophia Metcalf

Kit Meyering headshot

Kit Meyering

She / TheyLos Angeles
Michael Meyerson headshot

Michael Meyerson

He / Him / HisWashington, DC
McKenna Michael headshot

McKenna Michael

they / themLos Angeles
Bee Michael headshot

Bee Michael

Xe / Xir / XirsNYC
Katrina Michaels headshot

Katrina Michaels

Meagan Michelson headshot

Meagan Michelson

She / Her / HersNYC and Boston
Anne Elizabeth Miele headshot

Anne Elizabeth Miele

She / Her/ HersNew York City
McKenzie Miller headshot

McKenzie Miller

She / HerWilmington, NC
Catherine Miller headshot

Catherine Miller

They / Them / TheirsChicago
Ella Mock headshot

Ella Mock

they/themChapel Hill
Molly headshot


She / HerNYC and DC
Maggie Monahan headshot

Maggie Monahan

she/her/hersNew York City
Mary Mondlock headshot

Mary Mondlock

She / Her / HersNYC
Lisa Mongillo headshot

Lisa Mongillo

She / Her / HersNYC
Artemis Montague headshot

Artemis Montague

They/ThemNew York, New York
Maria Montero headshot

Maria Montero

She / Her / HersChicago
Rose Montoya headshot

Rose Montoya

She/ her and they/ themLos Angeles
Kavin Moore headshot

Kavin Moore

He/Him/His & They/Them/TheirsLouisville, KY
Naia Morgan headshot

Naia Morgan

 Kathryn Lynn Morgen headshot

Kathryn Lynn Morgen

They/Them or She/HerBellingham, WA
Kari Morris headshot

Kari Morris

she / theyNYC
Sarah Oakes Muirhead headshot

Sarah Oakes Muirhead

Achilles Mulkey headshot

Achilles Mulkey

He / They NYC
Peter Mundell headshot

Peter Mundell

He / Him / HisToronto, Ontario
Mollie Murk headshot

Mollie Murk

She / TheyLouisville, KY
Jules Murtha headshot

Jules Murtha

They / Them / TheirsNJ
Sarah Musicant headshot

Sarah Musicant

They/Them She/HerNew York City
Molly Parker Myers headshot

Molly Parker Myers

She/HerHudson Valley, NY
Natalie Myrick headshot

Natalie Myrick

She/TheyNew York City (Brooklyn)
Kylee Márquez-Downie headshot

Kylee Márquez-Downie

She/theyRichmond, VA, but looking to move to PA or NY!
Victoria Narayan headshot

Victoria Narayan

she/her/hersNew York, NY
Lisa Naso headshot

Lisa Naso

they/themNew York City
Liz Neitge headshot

Liz Neitge

Cynthia Nesbit headshot

Cynthia Nesbit

She / HerNYC
Sage Newman headshot

Sage Newman

They/ThemNew York City
Sara Newman headshot

Sara Newman

She / HerNYC
Sierra Nicole headshot

Sierra Nicole

They/them New York
Erin Glenn Niebuhr headshot

Erin Glenn Niebuhr

She/ HerNew York City
Ellen Nikbakht headshot

Ellen Nikbakht

She / Her / HersNYC
Ezra Noel headshot

Ezra Noel

They/them/he/himNew York City
Molly Norris headshot

Molly Norris

they / sheAshland, OR
Bre Northrup headshot

Bre Northrup

They / them / theirsNYC, New Haven
Ari Notartomaso headshot

Ari Notartomaso

They/themNew York City
Yassi Noubahar headshot

Yassi Noubahar

She / Her / HersNYC
alison novelli headshot

alison novelli

they/thembrooklyn, ny
Zeniba Now headshot

Zeniba Now

She/HerLos Angeles| New York City
Avery Nusbaum headshot

Avery Nusbaum

they/sheNew York City
Rani O'Brien headshot

Rani O'Brien

She / TheyNew York City *sometimes in Boston!
Madison O'Brien headshot

Madison O'Brien

She / HerCorpus Christi Texas
Kimberly O'Loughlin headshot

Kimberly O'Loughlin

She / HerNew Jersey
Dorothy Jo Oberfoell headshot

Dorothy Jo Oberfoell

She / Her / HersThe Midwest
Rachel Ohnsman headshot

Rachel Ohnsman

She/HerNew York City| Philadelphia| Miami
Sarah Olive-McStay headshot

Sarah Olive-McStay

She/TheyNew York City
Estelle Olivia headshot

Estelle Olivia

They/she/heNew York City
Brandon Omega headshot

Brandon Omega

Georga Osborne headshot

Georga Osborne

She/HerNew York
Nina Juliet Osso headshot

Nina Juliet Osso

She/herNew York City and Boston
Madeline O’Brien headshot

Madeline O’Brien

she/herCleveland, OH
Katie O’Halloran headshot

Katie O’Halloran

She / Her / HersMinneapolis
Natalie Grace O’Hea headshot

Natalie Grace O’Hea

They/Them/TheirsNew York City
Kevin Paley headshot

Kevin Paley

They / Them / TheirsNew York City
Perry O. Parsons headshot

Perry O. Parsons

they/themNew York City
Michaela Pascuzzi headshot

Michaela Pascuzzi

They/ Them and She/HerNew York City
Jessica Passaro headshot

Jessica Passaro

She/HerMinneapolis, MN
Lauren Patten headshot

Lauren Patten

She / HerNYC
Hallie Patterson headshot

Hallie Patterson

She / Her / HersPhiladelphia
Aidan Pauer  headshot

Aidan Pauer

They/themNew york state (new paltz as of right now)
Kenzie M. Peacock headshot

Kenzie M. Peacock

she/herNew York City
Jules Peiperl headshot

Jules Peiperl

They / Them / TheirsNYC
Malena Pennycook headshot

Malena Pennycook

Kendall Perry headshot

Kendall Perry

They/themNew York City
Katherine Perry headshot

Katherine Perry

she / theyPhiladelphia
Sophia Pesetti headshot

Sophia Pesetti

She/HerNew York City
Katherine Anne Peyton headshot

Katherine Anne Peyton

She / Her / HersPittsburgh, PA
Sarah Beth Pfeifer headshot

Sarah Beth Pfeifer

She / Her / TheyNYC
Daisy Phillips headshot

Daisy Phillips

She / Her / HersNYC / San Francisco
Adriana Pierce headshot

Adriana Pierce

She / Her / HersNYC
McKenna Christine Poe headshot

McKenna Christine Poe

She/ Her/ HersNew York
Taylor Jo Poer headshot

Taylor Jo Poer

She / Her / HersNYC
Meeka Postman headshot

Meeka Postman

She / HerChicago
Sarah Pothier headshot

Sarah Pothier

She/HerNew York City
Malaya Press headshot

Malaya Press

They/themWashington, DC
Kelsey Pressnall headshot

Kelsey Pressnall

She / Her / HersNYC
Andrea Prestinario headshot

Andrea Prestinario

Shane Taylor Pretty headshot

Shane Taylor Pretty

Brittany Proia headshot

Brittany Proia

She/HerHudson Valley, NY
Sara Ptak headshot

Sara Ptak

She / HerNYC
Catherine Purcell headshot

Catherine Purcell

Danielle Purdy headshot

Danielle Purdy

She / HerBrooklyn, NY
Alexa Querin headshot

Alexa Querin

She/HerSan Diego
Katharine Quinn headshot

Katharine Quinn

She/HerNew York City
Hannah Quinn headshot

Hannah Quinn

She / HerDenver
Michael Radi headshot

Michael Radi

AllNew York City
Lindsey Raguette headshot

Lindsey Raguette

She/HerNew York City
Gabriel Raines headshot

Gabriel Raines

Shannon Rakow headshot

Shannon Rakow

She/her New York City
Taylor Marie Rasmussen headshot

Taylor Marie Rasmussen

Leah Nicole Raymond headshot

Leah Nicole Raymond

She / HerNYC
Max Raymond headshot

Max Raymond

He / Him / HisNew York City
Katie Ready-Walters headshot

Katie Ready-Walters

Ezra Reaves headshot

Ezra Reaves

They / Them / TheirsOakland, CA
Nicole Redifer headshot

Nicole Redifer

she/herNew York City
Alexander Michael Reeves headshot

Alexander Michael Reeves

They/HeNYC and Louisville, KY
Caitlin Reid headshot

Caitlin Reid

She / HerNYC
Gretchen Reinhagen headshot

Gretchen Reinhagen

Emily Rellis headshot

Emily Rellis

She/HerNew York City
Lina Renzina headshot

Lina Renzina

She / Her / HersNYC
Mariel Reyes headshot

Mariel Reyes

She / TheyNew York
Alexandra Sawyer Reynolds headshot

Alexandra Sawyer Reynolds

They / SheNYC
Pearl Rhein headshot

Pearl Rhein

She / HerNYC
Lorraine Rhoden headshot

Lorraine Rhoden

She / HerOrlando
Ari Rice headshot

Ari Rice

She / TheySF Bay Area
Dan Rice headshot

Dan Rice

he/they/zeCleveland & Pittsburgh
Julie Richardson headshot

Julie Richardson

She / HerBoston, MA
Maya Richardson headshot

Maya Richardson

She/HerMinneapolis, New York City
Kelsey Riker headshot

Kelsey Riker

She/theyNew York City
Sonya Rio-Glick headshot

Sonya Rio-Glick

She / Her / HersNYC
Flower Estefana Rios headshot

Flower Estefana Rios

Michelle Rios headshot

Michelle Rios

She / Her / HersEdmonton, Alberta (Canada) and U.S.
Sarina Rivera headshot

Sarina Rivera

They / She / HerNYC
Laura Riveros-Sefair headshot

Laura Riveros-Sefair

They/SheNew York City
T. Carlis Roberts headshot

T. Carlis Roberts

he / theyNorthern California
Allison St. Rock headshot

Allison St. Rock

Sydney Ronis headshot

Sydney Ronis

He / ThemNYC
Kathryn de la Rosa headshot

Kathryn de la Rosa

they/themLouisville, KY
	Daniel Rosales (Castrata) headshot

Daniel Rosales (Castrata)

I have no pronoun preference. My motto is: You can call me whatever you wantNYC
Hannah Rose headshot

Hannah Rose

She/herNew York City
Meghan Rose headshot

Meghan Rose

She / HerNYC (Wisconsin-grown)
Celine Rosenthal headshot

Celine Rosenthal

She / HerNew York City / Sarasota FL (Asolo Rep)
Tracy Rosten headshot

Tracy Rosten

She / HerNYC
Libby Rounds headshot

Libby Rounds

She / Her / They / ThemNYC
Imani Russell headshot

Imani Russell

They/ThemNew York City
Erin Renee Russo headshot

Erin Renee Russo

Megan Rutherford headshot

Megan Rutherford

She / Her / HersNYC
Bri Ryder headshot

Bri Ryder

She / HerNYC
Sophie Sagan-Gutherz headshot

Sophie Sagan-Gutherz

They / ThemNYC / Brooklyn
Sushma Saha headshot

Sushma Saha

she/her/them/them/he/him/xe/xirCentral PA
Sophie Sam headshot

Sophie Sam

She / HerNew York City
Barbara Samuels headshot

Barbara Samuels

Megan Sandberg-Zakian headshot

Megan Sandberg-Zakian

she / her / hersBoston
Sarah Sanders headshot

Sarah Sanders

she/herNew York City
Sheri Sanders headshot

Sheri Sanders

She / HerNYC
Kristen Brooks Sandler headshot

Kristen Brooks Sandler

She/ HerNew York City
Michelle Mary Schaefer headshot

Michelle Mary Schaefer

She / Her / HersAustin, Texas
Tal Schatsky headshot

Tal Schatsky

Sierra Schnack headshot

Sierra Schnack

She / Her / HersNYC
Evie Schuckman headshot

Evie Schuckman

They / ThemBoston, MA
Janessa Schuster headshot

Janessa Schuster

She/her or they/them
Kati Schwartz headshot

Kati Schwartz

She / Her / HersNYC
Alexis Scott headshot

Alexis Scott

She/HerAsheville, New York, Philly, and Austin!
Kat Scott headshot

Kat Scott

they/themBrooklyn, NY
Parker Sera headshot

Parker Sera

Ariella Serur headshot

Ariella Serur

She / HerNYC
Courtney Seyl headshot

Courtney Seyl

She/TheyNew York City
Kristin Sgarro headshot

Kristin Sgarro

they/themNew York
Mary Gracelyn Shalaski headshot

Mary Gracelyn Shalaski

She/Her/HersNew York City
Max Sharam headshot

Max Sharam

Natalie Shea headshot

Natalie Shea

They/SheIndianapolis, IN
Makaela (Mak) Shealy-Sachot headshot

Makaela (Mak) Shealy-Sachot

She / Her / HersNYC; Paris; South Carolina
Will Shishmanian headshot

Will Shishmanian

He/Him/HisQueens, NYC
Alyssa Sileo headshot

Alyssa Sileo

she/herSouth Jersey / Philadelphia
Zed Simon headshot

Zed Simon

they/themNew York City
Hanniel Sindelar (Mister Treats) headshot

Hanniel Sindelar (Mister Treats)

they/themHarrisburg, PA
Daniella Sinder headshot

Daniella Sinder

She / HerNYC
Michelle Siracusa headshot

Michelle Siracusa

She / HerNYC
Percy Smart headshot

Percy Smart

He/Him/HisNew York City
Markia Nicole Smith headshot

Markia Nicole Smith

She/Her/HersNew York Coty
Morgan Smith headshot

Morgan Smith

They/ ThemNew York City
Sawyer Smith headshot

Sawyer Smith

They / Them / TheirsChicago
Jennifer Smith headshot

Jennifer Smith

She / Her / HersNYC
JessAnn Smith headshot

JessAnn Smith

She / Her / HersNYC
SMJ headshot


they/themNew York City
Madeleine Snow headshot

Madeleine Snow

She / HerRochester, NY + greater NYC area
brin solomon headshot

brin solomon

it / itselfNYC
Elizabeth Sooy headshot

Elizabeth Sooy

They/SheNew York
Sav Souza headshot

Sav Souza

They / ThemPhiladelphia / New York
Sam Spadafore headshot

Sam Spadafore

He / Him or They / ThemPortland, ME
Joyah Spangler headshot

Joyah Spangler

Spinks headshot


Caroline Spitzer headshot

Caroline Spitzer

She / HerNYC
Leslie Spitznagel headshot

Leslie Spitznagel

Rachel Stamler-Jonas headshot

Rachel Stamler-Jonas

They/Them preferredLos Angles
Jessie Standafer headshot

Jessie Standafer

she/herNYC / LA
Isabelle Stanton headshot

Isabelle Stanton

 Hannah Starr headshot

Hannah Starr

She / TheyChicago
Be Steadwell headshot

Be Steadwell

Kay Steele headshot

Kay Steele

they/them/theirsBoston, MA
Christa Steiner headshot

Christa Steiner

She/HerNew York City
Matti Steriti headshot

Matti Steriti

They/ThemNew York City
Sascha Sternecker headshot

Sascha Sternecker

She / Her / HersNJ
Crystal M Stewart headshot

Crystal M Stewart

she/her/hersNew York, NY
Elizabeth M. Stewart headshot

Elizabeth M. Stewart

She / Her / HersNYC
Bonnie Stinson headshot

Bonnie Stinson

She/herPortland, OR
Sandi Stock headshot

Sandi Stock

She/TheyFort Lauderdale, FL
Emily Stoddard headshot

Emily Stoddard

She/HerNew York City
Stoli Stolnack headshot

Stoli Stolnack

They/them/theirsNew York
Chelsey Storteboom headshot

Chelsey Storteboom

She / HerNYC
Jennifer Sturley headshot

Jennifer Sturley

She / Her / HersAustin
	Cece Suazo headshot

Cece Suazo

She/HerLos Angeles/New York
Henri Sudy headshot

Henri Sudy

they / them / theirsDallas, TX
Claire-Frances Sullivan headshot

Claire-Frances Sullivan

Dee Sullivan headshot

Dee Sullivan

Morgan Sullivan headshot

Morgan Sullivan

They / Them / TheirsNYC
Rachel Sussman headshot

Rachel Sussman

She / Her / HersNew York City
Aubree Tally headshot

Aubree Tally

She / Her / HersNYC
Emily Tarquin headshot

Emily Tarquin

They / Them / TheirsLouisville, KY
Alex Taylor headshot

Alex Taylor

She / Her / HersNYC
Celia Tedde headshot

Celia Tedde

She/HerNew York
Blayze Teicher headshot

Blayze Teicher

Kristina Teschner headshot

Kristina Teschner

She / HerNYC
Kelly Thomas headshot

Kelly Thomas

She / HerNYC
Selena Tibert headshot

Selena Tibert

She / Her / HersNYC
Zo Tipp headshot

Zo Tipp

Ezra Tozian headshot

Ezra Tozian

they/themNYC & Washington, D.C.
Claire Tran  headshot

Claire Tran

They / SheBrooklyn, NY
Bayla Travis headshot

Bayla Travis

She / HerOakland
Shaun Tuazon headshot

Shaun Tuazon

he/theySan Diego, CA
Juztine Tuazon-Martin headshot

Juztine Tuazon-Martin

Shannon Tyo headshot

Shannon Tyo

She / Her / HersNYC
Caroline Tyson headshot

Caroline Tyson

She / HerWashington DC, Baltimore
Jordan Underwood headshot

Jordan Underwood

She / TheyNYC
Bronte Upshaw headshot

Bronte Upshaw

She / Her / HersNYC
Linnea Valdivia headshot

Linnea Valdivia

She / HerSan Luis Obispo, CA
Lee Viliesis headshot

Lee Viliesis

She / her / hersBoston
River von Waldron headshot

River von Waldron

they / themPhiladelphia, PA
Leslie Blake Walker headshot

Leslie Blake Walker

She/HerNew York City
Tracey Walker headshot

Tracey Walker

She / HerGrand Rapids, MI
Madeline Wall headshot

Madeline Wall

She/her or they/themNew York City
Kelly Wallace headshot

Kelly Wallace

She / HerChicago
Rachael Warren headshot

Rachael Warren

She/HerProvidence, RI
James T. Washburn headshot

James T. Washburn

He / Him / HisSeattle
Erika Wasko headshot

Erika Wasko

She / Her / HersNYC
Becca Adams Weinberg  headshot

Becca Adams Weinberg

She/herNew York City
Rebecca A Weiss headshot

Rebecca A Weiss

She / HerBrooklyn
Nicole Weiss headshot

Nicole Weiss

she / theyNYC
Autumn Weisz  headshot

Autumn Weisz

Wil Whedbee headshot

Wil Whedbee

They / Them / TheirsChicago
Kiersten White headshot

Kiersten White

She/theyWest Virginia
Sarah White headshot

Sarah White

Socks Whitmore headshot

Socks Whitmore

They/ThemLos Angeles, CA
Amy Gijsbers van Wijk headshot

Amy Gijsbers van Wijk

She/HerNew York City
Will Wilhelm headshot

Will Wilhelm

They / ThemChicago
Natasha Sutton Williams headshot

Natasha Sutton Williams

She / HerLondon
Britt A Willis headshot

Britt A Willis

They / ThemWashington DC
Emily Wilson headshot

Emily Wilson

She / Her / HersNew Haven, CT
Katherine Winter headshot

Katherine Winter

She/HerNew York
Jillian Wipfler headshot

Jillian Wipfler

She / Her / HersNYC
Caitlin Bridget Wisneskie headshot

Caitlin Bridget Wisneskie

They / ShePhiladelphia
Benita de Wit headshot

Benita de Wit

they/themNew York City
Kat Witschen headshot

Kat Witschen

She/her/hersNew York City
Shai Wolf headshot

Shai Wolf

Hannah Wolf headshot

Hannah Wolf

She / Her / HersLos Angeles
Julian Wolfe headshot

Julian Wolfe

He / Him / HisNYC
Becca Wolff headshot

Becca Wolff

She/HerSan Francisco
Gwynne Wood headshot

Gwynne Wood

Angela Woodack headshot

Angela Woodack

She/Her/They/ThemNew York City/NYC Metropolitan Area
K. Woodzick headshot

K. Woodzick

they/them/theirsBoulder, CO
Elizabeth Wyld headshot

Elizabeth Wyld

She / HerNYC
Gretchen Wylder headshot

Gretchen Wylder

she / her / hersNew York City
Kit Yan headshot

Kit Yan

They / He / SheNYC
Emma Yee headshot

Emma Yee

Mo Yeh headshot

Mo Yeh

They/ThemNew York City
gina young headshot

gina young

she/theyLos Angeles
Aysha Zackria headshot

Aysha Zackria

She / HerFort Lauderdale, Pittsburgh
Lera Zamaraeva  headshot

Lera Zamaraeva

She/herNew York City
Nicole Vande Zande headshot

Nicole Vande Zande

She/HerNew York City
Jace 'n Ziev headshot

Jace 'n Ziev

They / Them / TheirsBrooklyn
Ema Zivkovic headshot

Ema Zivkovic

They/Them/She/HerNYC, Chicago
Zoë headshot


She / HerNew York City
Heather Zurowski headshot

Heather Zurowski

She / HerChicago
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