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Claire-Frances (or CF, or Frankie!) is a New York City-based and rural Michigan-bred actor, singer, musician, composer/lyricist, and playwright. Internationally produced and award-winning, Claire-Frances has had work produced by and/or developed at the Powerhouse Theater, Midland Center for the Arts, TACT studios, The Pulp Stage Theatre Company, Festival 56, The Workshop Theatre Company, and the Bread and Roses Theater. Claire-Frances is a member of the Dramatists Guild, the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop, Maestra, and the Angry Composer's Collective. Claire-Frances's original musical, Fostered Love, was the recipient of the Kennedy Center's National Musical Theatre award through the Michael Kanin Playwriting Awards in 2018. She teaches voice, piano, guitar, and songwriting to kids from underserved communities as a teaching fellow with the Musical Mentors Collaborative. As a performer, Claire-Frances is passionate about developing new, subversive work. As a writer, she focuses on exploring multi-faceted women/female relationships and anti-capitalist theatre.

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Actor, singer, musician, composer/lyricist, playwright

Vocal Range

Soprano with belt (E3-E6, belt to G5)

Dance Experience

Ballet, jazz, tap

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