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Hannah Wolf

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Hannah Wolf is a Los Angeles based director originally from Juneau Alaska. She makes “subversively shiny” work for the stage that experiments with form, content and the role of the audience. Recent work includes: Ride Sally Ride by Tara Sissom and Katerina Pruitt (B Street Theatre), She Buried the Pistol by Lydia Blaisdell (La Jolla WOW Festival), Instructions for a Séance by Katie Bender (MoHA), Franklin by Samantha Noble (Perseverance Theatre), TITLE LOADING (Fusebox Festival), The Bigot by William Glick, Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spigel, ENRON by Lucy Prebble (UT Austin), and The Sky Game by Kimberly Belflower (Peppercorn Theatre). She’s directed and developed new plays with the Geffen Playhouse, The Hearth, Greenway Arts, We the Women Collective, The Fountain Theatre, Superhero Clubhouse and Tofte Lake Center. She also founded and curates the blog Ask A Director. SDC Associate, National Directors Fellow, Lincoln Center Directors Lab, Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab and Fulbright Research Fellow (Bucharest Romania) MFA: UT Austin.

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