Dorothy Jo Oberfoell

Dorothy Jo Oberfoell

Based in The Midwest

She / Her / Hers • Member Since 2019

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My Story

Hi! I'm Dorothy Jo! I'm (at the moment) a Midwest-based actor. I'm a recent grad from Viterbo University in La Crosse, WI with my BFA in Theatre: Acting Emphasis. Most recently I've performed in New Jersey and Pittsburgh. Along with acting, I am a freelance show choir choreographer and clinician. When I'm not on stage I can be found fangirling over vintage fashion, sewing and doing DIYs, practicing yoga, & exploring coffee shops.

Sexual Orientation
iSexual orientation describes a person's enduring physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction to another person.


Gender Identity
iOne’s internal, deeply held sense of gender. Some people identify completely with the gender they were assigned at birth (usually male or female), while others may identify with only a part of that gender, or not at all. Some people identify with another gender entirely. Unlike gender expression, gender identity is not visible to others.

Cis Woman


Actor / Singer / Dancer / Creator/ Choreographer /Arts Advocate

Vocal Range

Soprano with belt

Dance Experience

LOTS of show choir, jazz, music theatre styles, tap, ballet

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