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Ysabel Jasa

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Ysabel Jasa is a New York-based actor. Born in the Philippines and raised in Singapore and Guam, Ysabel has a background in dance training under the Royal Academy of Dance, Dance Spectrum International and BodyArts. She received her BFA in Drama at the New Studio on Broadway, Tisch School of the Arts at New York University doing musical theatre, physical ensemble-based theatre, combat composition along with Commedia dell’Arte and Shakespeare. Ysabel has worked with Broadway/Film professionals such as Stephanie Klemons (Hamilton), Baayork Lee (A Chorus Line), Michael McElroy (RENT/Big River/BIV), Michele Shay (Raisin in the Sun) and Orlando Pabotoy (Star Wars: Rogue One) and more. Select credits include: RENT 20th Anniversary Tour, A Chorus Line (China Premier), Wig Out! (Nom. Helen Hayes Best Choreo), Cabaret (Florida Rep.), Henry VI (Asst. Fight Choreo, Nom. Drama Desk). Ysabel has also produced, assisted and appeared in films such as My Vote – A Hamilton Inspired Music Video (self-produced), Unheard (Women’s Weekend Film Challenge) and Triple Threat Film (Besties Make Movies; Unreleased).

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