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Michelle Mary Schaefer

Based in Austin • Texas

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My Story

My name is Michelle Mary Schaefer, I am an actor, creator, screenwriter, playwright, director of artistic sign language who happens to be Deaf. My deafness does not define me, instead of waiting for opportunities, I create them. I value authentic stories. My achievements include award-winning work, and breakthroughs as an actor who happens to be Deaf. I am both a stage and a film actor, and I take on what I refer to as human roles, both Deaf, and non-specific roles. Why limit ourselves? I am known as the first Deaf female actor to take on the role of Billy in Tribes by Nina Raine which I played four times, and even took on the role of Hamlet in Hamlet, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Hannah in Sarah Treem's When We Were Young and Unafraid and many more. It makes me a very versatile actor. I am blessed with those opportunities, I have shifted my energy into writing to create authentic stories, and opportunities for everyone. I refuse to sit around and wait for roles to be created for people like me. I created a web series, REAL which has been a hit in film festivals, such as Grand Prize Winner, Finalist, Special Mention and the Finalist for the Best Original Script. I did not realize the impact REAL had upon folks all over including, the United States, the United Kingdom and Internationally. Audiences crave authentic stories, and have been asking me to write more. This is where I come in with my feature film, and TV series which I am locating producers, production companies, networks, etc to make it happen. Once you open your mind, eyes, and heart which magic happens.

Sexual Orientation
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