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RED (he/they) is a trans theater maker, designer, sex worker, and puppeteer. They work primarily with materiality, garbage, and movement to examine queer arrivals and goings. They received their undergraduate degree at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Music and are currently pursuing their Masters in Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College. Red is a NYMF award winner, and has performed at prominent venues and theaters across NYC, from Off-Off-Off to Off-Broadway. They have puppeteered alongside Little Amal, Basil Twist at Lincoln Center, St. Anne’s Warehouse as well as Bread and Puppet in Vermont. Red recently presented at the CUNY Graduate Conference: Theater in Rupture (2022), and will be featuring their original work: Eat Yourself Out at Sarah Lawrence College (Spring 23'). He can also be seen in the Vicksburg Project at Harlem Stages in January, 2023. ACAB. Land Back.

Sexual Orientation
iSexual orientation describes a person's enduring physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction to another person.

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Gender Identity
iOne’s internal, deeply held sense of gender. Some people identify completely with the gender they were assigned at birth (usually male or female), while others may identify with only a part of that gender, or not at all. Some people identify with another gender entirely. Unlike gender expression, gender identity is not visible to others.

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iRacial identity is the qualitative meaning one ascribes to one’s racial group, whereas ethnic identity is a concept that refers to one’s sense of self as a member of an ethnic group. At their core, both constructs reflect an individual’s sense of self as a member of a group; however, racial identity integrates the impact of race and related factors, while ethnic identity is focused on ethnic and cultural factors. We celebrate our Keys’ intersectionality and understand that creating one’s racial/ethnic identity is a fluid and nonlinear process that varies for every person. Many folks will identify with more than one background while others will identify with a single group more broadly.



designer, deviser, performer, puppeteer