Ring of Keys Consultancy Directory

The Ring of Keys Consultancy Directory is a resource for producers, casting directors, and theatremakers who are in need of a Gender Consultant or Queer Consultant for their theatrical projects.

As part of our mission to promote the hiring of queer women, trans, and gender non-conforming artists, our consultancy services provide our theatre community with the necessary resources for projects with queer & trans themes, while also advocating for our Members. While no individual could ever represent the entirety of the queer or transgender communities, these artists are adept at supporting producers in creating these projects in an informed and thoughtful way.

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What does a gender consultant do?

Speaks the Language

Provides language support for casting notices, press releases, etc.

Impacts Truth

Gives your production the greatest impact to telling a truthful story.

Provides Support

Supports playwright / director / dramaturg


Communicates guidance and provides education for your institution at large, including marketing, company management, front of house, etc.

Creates a Safe Space

Facilitates a safe and supportive environment for queer artists in your production so they can do their best work.

Our Key Consultants have a variety of life experiences, expertise, and experiences consulting in theatre settings. They have all been vetted by our Consultancy Director, Josephine Kearns. If you are a casting director, theatremaker, or producer working on a production that requires a Gender / Queer Consultant, or are looking for a consultant with a particular area of expertise or with particular theatrical experience, fill out this form!

Angela Woodack headshot

Angela Woodack

She/Her/They/ThemNYC Metropolitan Area/Hudson County, NJ
Barclay Travis headshot

Barclay Travis

He/himNew Paltz & Rockland County
Dan Rice headshot

Dan Rice

he/they/zeCleveland & Pittsburgh
é boylan headshot

é boylan

They / Them / TheirsNYC • Washington DC
Em Hausmann headshot

Em Hausmann

they/themNew York City
Em Kramm headshot

Em Kramm

She/TheyNew York
Gingy Róisín headshot

Gingy Róisín

They / Them / TheirsChicago
Holly Cinnamon headshot

Holly Cinnamon

She / TheyNew York City / Toronto
Jasmine Joshua headshot

Jasmine Joshua

They / ThemSeattle
Josephine Kearns headshot

Josephine Kearns

She / Her / HersChicago • NYC
Justin Clarel headshot

Justin Clarel

They / ThemPhiladelphia
kARE: n____ EiLbacher headshot

kARE: n____ EiLbacher

wh^tEvuh YoryoU chöo:zseinen iLand
Karmen Paley headshot

Karmen Paley

They / SheNew York City
Katherine Goforth headshot

Katherine Goforth

she/herPortland, OR
Kavin Moore headshot

Kavin Moore

He/TheyChicago, IL and Louisville, KY
Linnea Valdivia headshot

Linnea Valdivia

She / HerSan Luis Obispo, CA
Lisa Naso headshot

Lisa Naso

they/themNew York City
Lyam B. Gabel headshot

Lyam B. Gabel

they/heAllentown, PA
Marissa Ghavami headshot

Marissa Ghavami

they/sheNew York City
Max Raymond headshot

Max Raymond

He / Him / HisNew York City

If you are a Key interested in working as a Gender or Queer Consultant, fill out this form and we will be in touch!

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Ring of Keys is an invaluable resource and asset for those committed to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the theater industry.

Woodzick, Key Member (they/them)