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Casey Bradley is an Aussie actor based in NYC. Casey is passionate about working on projects with great writers, both classical and contemporary, true collaboration with other artists, and for stories that champion women and LGBTQ+ narratives. Casey’s latest film and television work can be seen in the multi-award winning independent film Another Round, currently streaming on Weve TV (Apple TV & ROKU) and is featuring in the newly released mini-series Rise of Wall Street, streaming on Curiosity Stream (Apple TV & ROKU). Casey has previously appeared on the popular Australian television show Skithouse (Network10), and has been featured in commercials for Toyota. Casey’s extensive NY theatre repertoire includes Through the Cracks (HERE Arts Center), Ivy Walls (3 Legged Dog) and Boeing Boeing (3 Legged Dog) which had a Regional Theatre season at Breckenridge Backstage Theatre Company. Casey has worked extensively on classical texts with a strong focus on Shakespeare, appearing in As You Like It, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Nights Dream with the Australian Shakespeare Company at the historic Athenaeum Theatre, and is currently performing Coriolanus, Midsummer Nights Dream, and Titus Andronicus in repertory for Regional theatre company Shakespeare in the Woods in Vermont. Casey has worked extensively on the development of new plays, with an interest in stories that champion women and LGBTQ+ narratives. Casey has also assisted in developmental readings at The New Group as a part of the ‘No Limits Reading Series’. Casey is currently in development on two films. Casey is currently an ongoing renewed Finalist for Lifetime Membership at The Actors Studio since 2018. Casey has an MFA Acting from the Actors Studio Drama School, and is an alumni of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (Gold Certificate: Shakespeare) and the University of Melbourne (BA Arts - Theatre Studies and Creative Writing). Casey previously trained as a private student of Australian acting veteran Colette Mann. Casey has a broad range of experience within the industry, rooted in a deep passion for telling stories and working with likeminded collaborators. Casey has worked for Broadway theatre company Roundabout Theatre and Off-Broadway’s The Barrow Group. Casey was the Artistic Director for MU Shakespeare in Australia. As a filmmaker, Casey has produced several independent short films, commercials and music videos in New York with Prospect NY. Casey is also an Acting Professor at City College in New York, and has several private students. In 2011, Casey was named a Youth Ambassador by the state theatre company, Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC). Casey is represented by Boals, Winnett & Associates and Josselyne Herman & Associates, is a member of MEAA Actors Equity, and is SAG and AEA eligible. Casey is a US Green Card holder.

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