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Em Kramm

Based in New York


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My Story

Hi there! My name is Emily and I'm a CT shoreline native who likes to perform and collaborate with other artists. I received my BM in Music Theatre from Florida State University and now call New York City my home. I trained pre-professionally in ballet with Former New York City Ballet Soloist, Gloria Govrin, and then expanded my studies to include other styles of dance including contemporary and theatre. I have been dancing and singing my way through productions with Disney Parks Live Entertainment, Mill Mountain Theatre, Wagon Wheel Theatre, Utah Festival Opera and Music Theatre as well as acting in indie films across the country. In my spare time, I really enjoy writing, painting, and playing with my Bichon puppy, Lilly. Thanks for stopping by!

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Dancer, Actor, Musician, Teacher

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Ballet, Contemporary, Theatre, Tap

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SAG/AFTRA eligible




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