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Meghan Keeney

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Meghan Keeney is a freelance dancer, writer, and digital creative based in Brooklyn, NY. She is originally from Puyallup, WA. In 2020, Meghan graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in Dance and a double major in Digital Journalism with a concentration in Video Production. Since moving to New York, she has worked with choreographers including Taylor Gordon, Gwen Potter, Karen Gayle, Catherine Cabeen, Cornelius Carter, and Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish. Most recently, she danced in Fallsview Casino's Christmas Wonderland in Niagara Falls, Canada. When she isn’t dancing, she is either filming, editing, or writing. Her written articles can be seen in Dance Magazine, Pointe, Dance Teacher, i-D, Business Insider, and Seattle Refined. Video editing clients include Marymount Manhattan College Dance Department, GALLIM, Students For Justice, Freelancing with Tim, Moving with MacKenna, and more.

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