RING OF KEYS is a national network of queer women+, trans, and gender non-conforming artists working on and offstage in musical theatre.

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The mission of RING OF KEYS is two-fold: a visible, supportive community, as well as a hiring resource for those looking to work with professional artists who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, femme, trans, non-binary, and the diversity of genders that queerness contains.

We strive to kick (ball-change) the closet door open to create a vibrant, diverse musical theatre landscape for the future.

Key Beliefs

• We believe that disparities within our industry are intersectional.

• We believe that our diversity is an asset to the musical theatre landscape.

We believe that by elevating queer women+, trans, and gender non-conforming artists in our industry, we give conscious and subconscious permission to future queer artists to elevate themselves.

• We believe in making space for marginalized voices within our own queer community.




*We believe in inclusion, and use a plus (“+”) after “women” or “woman,” to ensure that all identities feel welcomed.


You have to see it to be it.
— Jeanine Tesori

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Our friendship was born out of the realization that while we inhabit a professional space that is LGBTQ+ friendly, we as queer women are underrepresented within that space.  We look forward to a Ring of Keys future with diversified leadership. We strive to make space for marginalized voices within our own queer community and welcome your voices and feedback.



Andrea Prestinario is a queer soprano who is NYC-based and Chicago-grown. Her mother always said she had a low tolerance for pain, but she prefers to frame it as a high tolerance to feel. (Ow! Wow!) She received her BFA from Ball State University in Musical Theatre and Gender Studies and is a graduate of The School at Steppenwolf. Her queer claim-to-fame is having the privilege of singing Edie Windsor’s memorial service. As an artist and activist, she strives to push society forward through women’s advocacy in the theatre. WWW.ANDREAPRESTINARIO.COM

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ROYER BOCKUS (co-founder)

Royer Bockus is a musical theatre lesbian. Laurey Williams in the queerest Oklahoma! you’ve ever seen, coming to Oregon Shakes this spring. Started in Texas, college’d at Northwestern, and has since worked near both oceans and many lakes. As an artist she strives to bring her whole feminist self onstage in canonical roles.  http://www.royerbockus.com/


HOLLY MARIE DUNN (web design)

Holly is a singer/actress based in NYC and a proud gay lady in musical theatre. She is a graduate of the American Musical & Dramatic Academy musical theatre conservatory program and continued her studies with many years of private vocal training (keep that belt healthy, team!). She moonlights in web design, e-commerce, email marketing and social media management and is so excited to be a part of this wonderful 'Ring of Keys' adventure.  http://hollymariedunn.com/

We are learning that the more we open our mouths, the more we become a choir. And the more we are a choir, the more the tune is forced to change.
— Amber Tamblyn

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