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Kalia Lay

Based in NYC

She / Her / Hers • Member Since 2018

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My Story

Kalia Lay is a New York based actor and singer. A Long Island native and a graduate of SUNY New Paltz, she's been described by loved ones as "spunky," "witty," and "so weird." Kalia has had the distinct honor of playing some truly bizarre women onstage. Through theatre magic, she's committed perjury, been possessed by a demon, broken a man's hand with a hammer, died by poisoning, had bright pink hair, and much more. When she's not onstage or in the rehearsal room, she can often be found thrifting, embroidering, and attempting to befriend the neighborhood stray cats.

Sexual Orientation
iSexual orientation describes a person's enduring physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction to another person.


Gender Identity
iOne’s internal, deeply held sense of gender. Some people identify completely with the gender they were assigned at birth (usually male or female), while others may identify with only a part of that gender, or not at all. Some people identify with another gender entirely. Unlike gender expression, gender identity is not visible to others.




Vocal Range

Belt to A5, Soprano to D6

Dance Experience

Tap, Ballet




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