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Artemis Montague is a Black mixed-race genderqueer singer-songwriter with co-occurring disabilities. She Sings Me Home, their full-length Black-, trans-, and queer-led musical - written in in the styles of the Black American canon - has been performed at the REACH at the Kennedy Center as a Page to Stage Resident with Ally Theatre Company; the Green Room 42 in NYC as a concert in February 2023, at Round House Theatre in Bethesda, MD as an Equity workshop in May 2023; and it was pitched at the 2nd Annual Broadway Shark Tank at Open Jar Studios in October 2023. Recently, Montague was awarded a 2024 MacDowell Fellowship for Theatre. They were a Lyricist in 2022 in a cohort of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop in NYC. They were a Finalist for the 2022 Write Out Loud Contest for their song, “friend"; received an Audiofemme Agenda Grant in May 2023 to record an EP of original music; and awarded a National Disability Theatre Artist Grant. They have another 2 musicals in-progress, Rhapsody in Sunflower Yellow and How Baby and the Ancestors Attempted A Revolution; 150+ songs; and 2 work-in-progress film scripts. Montague is also the IIDEAA Board Chair for TEMPO (Trans Expansive Music Professional Organization) and a NYCLU Artist Ambassador since early 2023.

Sexual Orientation
iSexual orientation describes a person's enduring physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction to another person.


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iRacial identity is the qualitative meaning one ascribes to one’s racial group, whereas ethnic identity is a concept that refers to one’s sense of self as a member of an ethnic group. At their core, both constructs reflect an individual’s sense of self as a member of a group; however, racial identity integrates the impact of race and related factors, while ethnic identity is focused on ethnic and cultural factors. We celebrate our Keys’ intersectionality and understand that creating one’s racial/ethnic identity is a fluid and nonlinear process that varies for every person. Many folks will identify with more than one background while others will identify with a single group more broadly.

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