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Jenni Chapman

Based in San Jose • CA

She / Her / Hers • Member Since 2018

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My Story

Hey! I'm an SF bay area native with a BFA in musical theatre from Emerson (in Boston, MA). I'm back in the bay area with my partner of 3 years; I spend my time taking headshots, photographing theatre productions, performing in both plays and musicals, and desperately trying to get more than 8 hours of sleep. I'm here for anything involving queer voices, photography, alto roles that aren't just the funny sidekick, and a little bit (or a lot) of theatre magic. My dream show would be a folk-based musical with exclusively queer/enby characters, shadow play, epic puppetry, and a bittersweet happy ending.

Sexual Orientation
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Gender Identity
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Actor, photographer, dialect coach

Vocal Range

Alto/Mezzo w belt

Dance Experience

Very confident mover and tapper.

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