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Artemis Montague

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Artemis Montague (they/them) is a singer-songwriter; scriptwriter and playwright; director and producer; and aspiring voiceover actor. A Black mixed-race nonbinary femmeboi creator with co-occurring disabilities, they write and encourage the development of stories and music that feature people at different ages, stages, and places in life, but always with honesty and integrity. They have written over 130 songs, sang at Joe's Pub in NYC, and will be a member of the BMI Lehman-Engel Musical Theatre Workshop in Fall 2022. “She Sings Me Home” is their flagship musical: a modern queer-, trans, and Black- musical in the African American musical tradition that was livestreamed as part of the Page to Stage Festival at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on November 21, 2020. To date, Montague has written two full musicals, the second of which was co-composed with Sydney Crutcher (MUSE/MAESTRA). Artemis Montague has also published online opinion pieces related to social justice and the arts on DC Metro Theatre Arts and The Sappho Project. They work day-to-day is in artistic education and inclusion when not writing or singing.

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iRacial identity is the qualitative meaning one ascribes to one’s racial group, whereas ethnic identity is a concept that refers to one’s sense of self as a member of an ethnic group. At their core, both constructs reflect an individual’s sense of self as a member of a group; however, racial identity integrates the impact of race and related factors, while ethnic identity is focused on ethnic and cultural factors. We celebrate our Keys’ intersectionality and understand that creating one’s racial/ethnic identity is a fluid and nonlinear process that varies for every person. Many folks will identify with more than one background while others will identify with a single group more broadly.

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