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A.A. Brenner

Based in New York City

They / Them and She / Her • Member Since 2020

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A.A. Brenner (they / she) is a writer, dramaturg, and native New Yorker. Their writing blends naturalistic dialogue with heightened realism to explore queer, Jewish, and disability themes, challenging both societal power structures and theatrical form. A.A.'s plays have been produced or commissioned by La Jolla Playhouse, National Disability Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company (Fellows Consortium), Three Muses Theatre Company, Young Playwrights Inc., The Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, Columbia University, and The Hangar Theatre Lab Company, among others. Currently, A.A. resides in Manhattan with their cockapoo Cody, and is an incoming third-year MFA candidate at Columbia University School of the Arts. (Website: | Instagram: @a.a.brenner | Facebook: | Twitter: @aa_brenner | New Play Exchange:

Sexual Orientation
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Non-binary masculine-of-center woman


Playwright / Dramaturg / Librettist

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Dramatists Guild of America


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