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Kathleen Coombs

How would you describe yourself as an artist?: Playwright, Director, Composer, Performer

What pronouns do you use?: She/They

How do you define your gender?: Person who happens to be a woman

How do you define your sexuality?: Depends on who's asking and how much time they have. Options may include: Queer, Mostly Gay, Attracted to other (often queer) people, Demi, Pan, Attracted to humans (but gay for cats).

Where are you based? : Chicago

What is your favorite thing on your resume?: I am the creator of The Album Project, which takes contemporary albums and cracks them open onstage. I used to worry about placing my own projects on my resume, clinging to the misguided notion that if no one else had green lit my work then it wasn't "good enough." But now I love seeing 3 self-produced Album Projects listed and look forward to adding more.

What is the musical theatre song you’re most likely to belt in the shower?:  "When There's No One" From Carrie

Who is your “queer-o”? : Kesha


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