Janelle Lawrence

Janelle Lawrence

How would you describe yourself as an artist?: Performer (singer/actor/dancer), Playwright, Composer, Lyricist, and Producer

What pronouns do you use?: She/Her/They/Them

How do you define your gender?: Female, but occasionally gender queer

How do you define your sexuality?: Pan-sexual, mostly a lesbian attracted to female-presenting humans, but also attracted to trans men and gender neutral humans

Where are you based? :  Brooklyn, New York

What is your favorite thing on your resume?:

Acting Resume: My performance in PRICILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT.

Writing Resume: my residency with the 92ND ST Y Musical Theatre Development Lab

What is the musical theatre song you’re most likely to belt in the shower?: It's a toss up between Ladies Who Lunch and Moving The Line

Who is your “queer-o”? : Queen Latifah



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