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James Anthony

How would you describe yourself as an artist?: A friend recently described me as a "Sextuple Threat". Actor, Writer, Stage Manager, Marketing, Development and Fundraising, Dramaturg, Choreographer/Dancer, Zumba Instructor

What pronouns do you use?: They/Them/Theirs

How do you define your gender?: Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binary

How do you define your sexuality?: Queer/Pansexual

Where are you based? : Chicago

What is your favorite thing on your resume?: My introduction. –– Queer, fabulous, and an introvert, but I like to create beautiful and meaningful theatre/content.

What is the musical theatre song you’re most likely to belt in the shower?: Popular from Wicked

Who is your “queer-o”? : To name a few: Lillian Hellman, Harvey Fierstein, Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Bayard Rustin, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Thelma "Sissy" Louise.


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