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The Basics of Tarot with Key Morgan Dean

April 30, 2020

At the end of the day, tarot is an ancient resource to channel your inner knowing and inner clarity. Tarot is not fortune telling because we all have an inner guidance that we oftentimes forget to listen to. The outside world is overwhelming, and there is no reason for tarot to feel that way too! In this hour course, Morgan will teach you the very basics and history of tarot, how to channel your inner knowing, and the basics of interpretation. If time allows, they will do live readings for a few students as a way to teach. If you'd like to have your cards read live during this workshop, please sign up at the bottom, first come first serve! Morgan is a Queens (Lenape land)- based genderqueer writer, actor, and model. They believe in living in the rhythm: listening to the earth and the energies that surround us all, every moment. A few years ago, Morgan turned to tarot as a way to channel their empathic nature into something helpful, instead of being constantly overwhelmed by other people's energies. Morgan is completely self-taught and is super excited to teach a little of what they've learned so far! If you'd like a reading, Morgan does sliding scale live and recorded readings. Check out their instagram @morgandean for more info. x