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Ellie Frances

How would you describe yourself as an artist?: Actor, Singer, Director, Stage Manager- Brand Manager

What pronouns do you use?: she / her

How do you define your gender?: CIS female

How do you define your sexuality?: Queer- However I have been with my wife for almost 9 years (1.5yrs Married) so currently I identify as a lesbian

Where are you based? :  I am based in MI for 3-5 months out of the year ( that is where my wife lives year round). The rest of time I live in Brooklyn NY

What is your favorite thing on your resume?:  Performing the role of Vanda in Venus in Fur. It's a brilliant 2 person play exploring the origin of S&M, sexuality, gender roles, and transference of power within the setting of an actress auditioning for a male playwright. (plus I got to become Aphrodite which was pretty cool)

What is the musical theatre song you’re most likely to belt in the shower?:

Lately it's been "Me and The Sky"- Come From Away. However a favorite is Winner Takes It All - Mamma Mia

Who is your “queer-o”? :  I find that creating and writing stories for us by us is an incredibly important first step. For this I would say Lisa Kron. However I do have to mentioned love for Jenn Colella and Beth Malone too.


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