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Armelle Kay Harper

How would you describe yourself as an artist?: Playwright/Creative Personal Assistant/Stage Manager/Aesthetics Queen

What pronouns do you use?: She/Her/Hers

How do you define your gender?: Woman, loud and proud

How do you define your sexuality?: Chapstick femme lesbian

Where are you based? : New York City! Specifically in Washington Heights, though I like to hop around/make art in the Village. The history of LGBT artists in the Village is breathtaking and it feels like an honor to walk down the same sidewalks

What is your favorite thing on your resume?: Script coordinator for 'The Prom' on Broadway. There's nothing like getting to be involved in some brand new, positive lesbian representation on a big shiny Broadway stage. It was a dream come true! I wear my merch all the time in the hopes another lesbian will spot me and we can gush

What is the musical theatre song you’re most likely to belt in the shower?: "This is What We Live For" from 'The Sting'. It's a song we cut in the rehearsal process but it's damn catchy and I'll never forget it

Who is your “queer-o”? : Julie d'Aubigny is my ultimate. I won't rewrite her whole biography here, but in short she spent her whole life in the 17th century running around slaying the opera game, winning sword fights, cross-dressing, and having affairs with women. I hope to live my life with that sort of confidence and freedom


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